Wood Fireplace Inserts in San Fransisco, San Mateo, and all the Surrounding Areas

Winters are the time to light up the fireplace and sit around it spending quality time with your family. You wouldn’t want soot and smoke flying in your rooms when you are making memories, would you? This is why we, at Nova Fireplace and Mister Chimney, have come up with wood fireplace inserts which cause less pollution and thus are very safe to use. Since these days everyone has become environmentally more conscious, they are doing away with the wood fireplaces and replacing them with such inserts. The wood fireplace inserts give the exact look of the traditional fireplace while being more environmentally friendly. These inserts, apart from being functional also give your fireplace a whole new look. You can choose from the most alluring, popular, and attractive designs of Nova Fireplace which comply with the new regulation passed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With us, you can enjoy a warm winter evening as we follow all the building codes while coming out with new insert designs. 

Wood Fireplace Inserts in San Fransisco, San Mateo

Below we have mentioned 3 primary benefits of having a wood fireplace insert. Take a look. 

1. Environment-friendly 

As opposed to a wooden fireplace, a wood fireplace inserts does not emit excessive quantity carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. These are made of sustainable carbon-neutral materials thus making them eco-friendly to use. 

2. Cost-effective 

The very purpose of these wooden inserts is to provide top-notch insulation. With the high-quality performance of these inserts, you can save money on the heating and cooling bills. 

3. Low maintenance 

A big advantage of these inserts is that they are low-maintenance. Hence this also saves you money on the annual chimney cleaning procedure. Since there are no excessive coats of soot and other wood-burning materials, the maintenance is easy. 

So, if you live in the regions of San Francisco, San Mateo, and you are looking for wood fireplace inserts, you can contact us on 650-654-8888.