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If your chimney has an obstruction, operating your fireplace is extremely hazardous. A chimney blockage can result in a chimney fire, as well as cause carbon monoxide and toxic fumes to enter your home. Fortunately, regular chimney inspections can greatly reduce these risks, and allow you to safely enjoy your fireplace without worry.

As specialist in chimney inspection, Mister Chimney can provide you with a thorough assessment of your chimney both inside and out, determining its present condition and recommending any maintenance or repairs needed. Chimney inspection services are available in San Francisco; Belmont, CA and the Greater Bay Area.

Chimney Inspections Include:

bad metal firebox

Is this safe to use?

External Structure

Our experienced technicians will meticulously inspect all external components of your chimney, including: chimney cap, flashing, brick, and mortar. The technician is looking to verify the structural integrity of the chimney as well as ensure that it’s secure, keeping water, debris, nesting birds, and other animals out.

Internal Structure

The technician will inspect all internal components, including: firebox, smoke chamber & shelf, flue, and damper assembly. They are looking for obstructions, cracks, signs of moisture, missing liner, and anything else that may make your fireplace unsafe for use.

If issues are identified during the chimney inspection, Mister Chimney has the resources and experience to provide the necessary services to bring your fireplace and chimney into proper working order.

presale fireplace inspectionWhen Should You Have Your Chimney Inspected?

  • If you detect bad odors, smoke leaks, or a tar substance forming on the inner walls
  • If there is visible soot in your home
  • If you detect staining around the fireplace or chimney
  • Before you operate your fireplace for the season
  • During your pre-purchase home inspection
  • Following a roof replacement
  • Following any impact to your chimney (falling tree, lightning strike, etc.)

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