Wood Fireplace Inserts in San Fransisco, San Mateo, and all the Surrounding Areas

If you’re looking to convert your traditional fireplace to something more economical and efficient, getting an insert would be a wise decision. These days, the inserts come in varied shapes which fit perfectly in the space provided in your existing fireplace. The wood fireplace inserts of Master Chimney and Nova fireplaces are functional, efficient, and will provide beauty and the warmth of a traditional wood burning fireplace. We are a full service chimney company offering single source solution any of your chimney repairs, maintenance, inspection, and cleaning needs since 1991. Whether the fireplace is for residential purpose or commercial, are professionals are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced enough to get the job right first time every time. In the regions of San Francisco, San Mateo the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has changed the rules for residential wood eating and the emission standards for new wood stores and heaters. This has made more residence to switch over to the more functional and efficient fireplace systems. 

Wood Fireplace Inserts in San Fransisco, San Mateo

Below we have mentioned a few benefits of installing wood fireplace inserts. Take a look. 

  • Heating Efficiency  

These types of inserts come in a variety of styles which have resulted in increasing the heating efficiency by almost 80%. This happens due the formation of a dual combustion system with the installation of the wooden fireplace inserts. 

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs  

With the installation of fireplace inserts,   the integrity of the unit increases as it will reduce the cost of repairing or renovating a masonry fireplace. Also, most inserts come along with guarantees which will cover your future repair costs.  

  • Cost Effective 

As wooden log burn up to 8 hours in this fireplace inserts, the fire and the heat lasts longer than the other versions. This longevity will not only bring down the heating and cooling bills but also increase the heat output of these inserts.  

So, if you want to install wood fireplace inserts in your fireplace units, you can call us on 650-631-4531.