Why Is Sweeping My Chimney Important?

Why Is Sweeping My Chimney Important?

Having a chimney cap does not prevent all problems that animals can cause with a chimney.Many homeowners are unaware that it is possible for animals including raccoons, squirrels, bats and birds to build a home in their chimney. The structure provides protection from the weather and a safe hiding spot from predators, making them an ideal place for these animals to build a home.

For example, a raccoon might use your chimney to house their young until they reach the age where it is safe for them to move out into the world. These babies are like baby birds. They make chirping noises when hungry. The mother raccoon goes out to forage for food and bring it back to the babies.When squirrels move into your chimney, they plan to stay as long as you allow them. Squirrels have been known to pack materials the entire length of a chimney, from the cap all the way down to the smoke chamber. They can build 20 feet or more of nest.

Even when there is a chimney cap in place, animals can pull the screen to create an opening that allows them enough space so they are able to move in and out of the chimney.

Even if you do not believe animals are living in your chimney you should call for a professional inspection. The visual inspection reveals potential entry points in the chimney and cap. Think of the money you pay for the inspection, chimney cleaning and repair is insurance that your chimney remains free of animals and your heating system continues to operate with minimal issues

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