Keeping My Chimney Clean

We are all usually busy during the spring and summer months because we organize cookouts, family trips, pool parties and other functions. Therefore, all of these activities keep us very occupied. We definitely would not be thinking about the past cold season which kept us in hats and gloves. However, while we may not have to using our heating systems during the warmer months, it is important not to forget about the chimney.

Your summer to-do list should include cleaning the chimney. When you use your chimney, byproducts are left behind. Since soot and ash tend to be corrosive and acidic, these speed up deterioration. Therefore, a chimney cleaning and repair maintenance program is necessary to clean the soot after every winter to ensure that the chimney system is kept clean.

Once your clean your chimney, you will be sure that when you turn it you will get heat. Therefore, you are sure to be warm during the winter.

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