In these uncertain times, we're all doing our best to adjust. We are considered essential home services under the current shelter-in-place order, so we are still operating. However, due to the health threat we have adjusted our practices significantly. Our showroom is open until 3:30 by appointment only, so that we can limit traffic, sanitize doors and remote controls, and maintain the distance recommended. Our installers and technicians wear single use gloves, which are disposed of after they leave your home. They also wear masks to prevent uncovered coughs or sneezes. Finally, they will do their best to wipe down surfaces such as remote controls that are handled during their work. We believe these steps will be sufficient to maintain everyone's safety, while still allowing us to continue to serve the community. Please call for additional information on steps we're taking, and best wishes to everyone.

Chimney Sweep in San Fransisco, Mountain View, Hayward, and all the Surrounding Areas

The safety of your family is your number one priority. Hence, you must not only keep them safe from external threats but also internal ones. These might include accidents like house fires which are common when heating appliances go unchecked for a very long time. Although it has been advised to annually cleanup the soot and grime inside chimneys, most people fail to acknowledge this. The accumulation of dirt over time not only reduces the performance of the appliance bit also gives rise to problematic issues like property damage and house fires. Thus, it is mandatory that every house owner go for a chimney sweep periodically to keep a check on the internal systems of the house. While it is commendable to engage in this activity by yourself, it is best left to experts who have the proper knowhow at their fingertips. This is where we come in. at Mister Chimney, we are committed to sweeping out every last presence of soot while also taking care to inspect your chimney for any issues and provide a ready solution to it. So, if you reside in Fremont, Hayward, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Francisco or San Mateo, then you can depend on our services.  

Chimney Sweep in San Fransisco, Mountain View, Hayward

Here are two tips to choose a reliable chimney sweep. Have a look.  

  • Experience  

When looking for chimney sweeping services, make sure that the company is experienced. Only with the proper knowledge can they actually clean out the appliance and detect masonry defects. When you compare companies, look for how long they have been in the business and check for testimonials before you settle on a firm. 

  • Liability Insurance 

A sign of a good company is insurance. Liability insurance coverage is very important when technicians come for a visit at your house. Although accidents and damages rarely occur at the hands of experts, this type of insurance will protect you from incurring unnecessary expenses. When a company is insured, it shows their responsibility towards their customers.  

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